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Festival Venues

There are five great venues situated along the picturesque Hokianga Harbour, and the Wild West Waimamaku Bar n Grill, situated in the Waimamaku valley, country music is played continuously throughout the weekend starting at 5pm on Friday night at all venues at all  11am till late. Festival badges can be purchased at all of the venues from 4pm on Friday. Check our 'Getting Around' page for Ferry , Travel times and Map information

Festival badges must be displayed for entry to all venues.

Opononi Hall - South Hokianga Memorial Hall - The festival starts 5pm Friday 27th September - the RSA bar will be open  -, there is loads of room to linedance, and dance, lots of seating , all day food and cuppa, try Medina's world famous cheese scones with lashings of butter and home made jams.

But of course, it's all about the Country Music.

Rawene Hall

The festival starts here on Friday at 5pm. There is a bar and food available. Badges also on sale here


Opononi Bowling Club

The festival opens here on Friday 29th September at 5pm and is situated half way between The Heads and the Opononi Hotel. Badges on sale

Opononi Hotel in Opononi

The festival opens here at 5pm on Friday 27th September.

For more about the Opononi Hotel

Waimamaku Bar n Grill
This venue is a 10km drive from
 The Heads . If Country
music in authentic country rustic Wild West setting is you, then make sure you head in this direction and check this venue out. The festival opens  here at 5pm on Friday 27th September. 


Kohukohu Hotel in Kohukohu

The festival opens at 5pm on Friday 27th September

To get to Kohukohu you will need to catch the Ferry from Rawene.

You can take your car, or travel as a passenger and take the Courtesy van to

and from www.Kohukohu Hotel.  


27th, 28th, 29th September 

2024 Hokianga

Thanks & Appreciation to our Sponsors

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