Accommodation & Campervans

Accommodation for the Festival weekend is quickly filling up in and around the Hokianga- for a comprehensive list of accommodation go to

Rawene Holiday Park 09 4057 720


Hokianga Farmstead Lodge 021 286 1485 - Maree Selak & John Foote

Located 7 mins from Opononi 

The Hokianga I Site in Opononi can also update you with what is available.

All bookings and information on accommodation, activities, tours and attractions for the Hokianga contact details...

Phone: +64 9 405 8869



KOKOHUIA MARAE for Campervans and Accommodation

Kokohuia Marae in Akiha St, Omapere is open for campervans and caravans to park for the festival weekend, and the marae whare hui is open for staying guests. The marae is open for camper vans from Thursday 23th to Sunday 26th September. All guests must leave on Monday.

A courtesy van will be on hand to transport to and from the marae over the weekend.

Park up for Campervans and Caravans

The cost will be $10 per person per night for camper vans & caravans (2 people cost is $40 for 2 nights) . Booking is not necessary phone Charlotte on 094058061 if you need assistance

Staying in the Marae

For those who wish to stay in the marae,mattresses are provided, you will need to bring your own linen, towels, blankets, and food. Please phone Charlotte 094058061 to confirm your stay.


Use of Facilities

Facilities are available for your use ie Showers, toilets, kitchen, dining room.

Campers can connect to the power , however users must ensure their extension leads are not in the pathway of vehicles

Please ensure you leave the marae how you found it ie. remove all your rubbish.

When is the marae open?

Campervans can arrive at the marae at any time from Thursday 23th September.

Guests who want to sleep in the marae, the marae is open on Friday.. 





September 24, 25, 26