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Festival Badges

Cost : $40.00 for an All Weekend Badge or $20 for a Day Badge.

Badges can be purchased at the Opononi Hotel, Waimamaku Bar n Grill, Opononi Bowling Club, Rawene Hall and Kohukohu Hotel on Friday, 29th September from 4pm onwards and from The Opononi Hall from 10am. They will be on sale at all venues all weekend.

For entry to venues badges & passes must be displayed. Courtesy vans between all venue are free - just show your badge to the driver. There are no set travel times for the vans, usually they will leave a venue at the end of a band set, once the van has passengers.

Badges can be bought before the Festival by contacting one of the Committee to arrange payment and delivery, however it's not really necessary to pre-buy a festival badge as we have plenty.


29th, 30th September & 1st october

2023 Hokianga

Thanks & Appreciation to our Sponsors

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